Many studies have shown that Peptan® collagen peptides contribute significantly to the health of bones and joints [1]. It also supports the muscles and helps in delaying the musculoskeletal issues that come with age.


Improved joints, less pain


Around 70 – 95% of cartilage is made of collagen fibre, responsible for their structure and strength. After collagen consumption, the collagen peptides accumulate in the cartilage and the amino acids help collagen synthesis. This process prevents cartilage loss.

A 2013 research has shown that the daily consumption of 8g Peptan® significantly reduces joint pain and improves the functioning of joints and their elasticity. After three months the improvement of joints was measurable, further improving after six months [2]. Other studies came to similar conclusions on the impact of oral collagen peptide treatments.


Strong and dense bones


Collagen makes up around 90% of the bone mass density, providing the structural frame which absorbs minerals. Research has shown that collagen peptides stimulate collagen bone tissue production, resulting in increased bone size and firmness [3].


Muscle regeneration


Consumption of the required amount of protein is essential for our muscles, as the lack of protein can lead to muscle loss (sarcopenia) especially at an advanced age. The WHO recommends a protein intake of 0.8g/kg per day for healthy adults. This is higher for older individuals [4].




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