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Oxywater 0,75l

550 Ft /piece(s)

  • USD: $1,49

Minimum quantity: 6 bottles
Available in packs of 6.

USD price is net amount. USD payment is only for buyers outside Hungary.

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Water enriched in a magnetic field and high in oxygen helps prevent the body from lacking oxygen without any side effects. This increases the body’s ability to absorb, so that oxygen appears in a stabilized form at up to 80 mg / l.

There are no chemicals or toxic substances in its production, as oxygen does not enter the water from an external source, but its a result from the release of hydrogen. The oxygen-enriched liquid, when delivered to the body, penetrates the mucous membranes, the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract, and then through the tissues, this way improving the body’s absorption capacity at the cell-level.
Benefits of drinking Oxywater:
– helps cell regeneration and improves their mechanisms
– helps the physiology of the natural stem cell in the body
– reduces mental and physical fatigue
– affects cellular immunity
– supports physical and mental balance
– improves cognitive functions
– promotes the healing process of the body

Its regular consumption helps to detoxify, refresh and recharge the body.